First all plant-based retailer and wholesaler opens in the Philippines

cocogreen 8

When I first learned that the Philippines is getting its first ALL plant-based grocery store, I was ecstatic. Finally, vegans/vegetarians in the Philippines  have a go-to store for their cooking needs and ready-made snacks. The store is called Cocogreen and it’s located in Makati, Metro Manila.

Cocogreen carries plant-based, organic, and fair trade products from pressed juices to nut cheeses to prepared salads. I had the chance to link up online with co-owner, Weizel Gulfan and get a quick interview despite her busy schedule.

cocogreen 11

1. What do you carry at Coco green? (general idea)

Plant-based and Wholefoods options. Salad bar and Pressed-juices.

2. What’s the price range of your products?

250-3000 Php

coldpressed juices at cocogreen

cocogreen 1

3. Are there alot of all-veg store in the Philippines? Are they thriving?

Cocogreen is the first Plant-based retailer and wholesaler in the country. We’re confident the market is ready for a lifestyle shift and are looking into expansion mid-next year. Were open to partners, suppliers and investors just hook us up at for any none-animal based products, ideas, events, franchise interest and partnership or investor inquiries.

4. How is the vegetarian, vegan, and raw community in the Philippines?


5. How’s the reception been like so far from people? Any remarks and comments you’ve gotten?

Overall, support has been overwhelming. There has been a lot of interest for organic produce, raw-food options, vegan alternatives and imported varieties.

cocogreen 3

cocogreen 4

6. Do you get any criticisms from non-veg folks? How do you deal with them?

Our clientele extends beyond Vegetarians, which were happy to cater to.

7. What made you decide to open up a veg store?

It’s a lifestyle my partner [Andrew Co] and I chose and we’d like to make it more available and sustainable for most through Cocogreen’s diverse selection of plant-based and wholefoods local and international brands.

cocogreen 5

cocogreen 7

8 . How do you plan to compete against big commercial products that are cheap and readily available at most stores?

We don’t. We work with the big names in the wellness market in Cocogreen, the idea is to give people the most options to eat clean and with awareness.

9. What are the challenges that you’ve faced when you’re planning Coco-green?

It’s still a challenge: Logistics costs, Product Shelf-life, Stock availability and product awareness.

cocogreen 6

10. Do you think Filipinos will warm up to a meatless lifestyle? Why or why not?

They already are. This is the direction the market is treading on, Cocogreen just wants to ease them into it.

11. Can people also buy online? How can a distributor/producer get hold of you?

Yes, you can shop at , we deliver anywhere in Makati Central business using our in house courier and outside through City Delivery 87878.

cocogreen 9

cocogreen 10


For more info about Cocogreen, visit:

Btw, Astig Vegan (me) approached Cocogreen for this interview and I’m in no way compensated to advertise Cocogreen. I simply wanted to spread the word about this great vegan resource to all my followers in the Philippines :)


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5 thoughts on “First all plant-based retailer and wholesaler opens in the Philippines

  1. That’s exciting news about Manila’s first plant-based grocery store! I would love to go back to Manila and check it out one day! I would love to see more plant-base grocery stores across Asia.

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