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3 Delicious Dishes Using Apples (aside from apple pie)


Recently Chris’ mom gave Chris and I a bag full of Fuji apples freshly picked from her backyard tree. Of course Chris and I wanted to eat them straight from the bag but thought what else could we do with them?

Then just like Food Network’s Iron Chef, I sensed a challenge presented to us: Make a three course meal using apples and whatever ingredients we have available in the kitchen. Challenge gladly accepted.

First dish:

Apple Cucumber Green Salad

We chopped some fresh romaine lettuce, cucumbers, and apples, drizzled some apple cider vinegar and olive oil, added a pinch of brown sugar, sprinkled some freshly ground black pepper and sea salt.


Second dish:

Potato latkes topped with chunky stewed apple sauce

We learned the latke recipe from Chef Philip Gelb after taking his classes. Per his permission, we’ve posted the recipe with photos on a previous blogpost. You could check it out here.

latkes 1

Third dish:

Grilled Vegan Hotdog seasoned with liquid smoke and grated apples

Chris and I didn’t have anything else in the fridge but some left over vegan hotdogs. Literally only two links left. So I thought, I could thinly slice and grill them (in a George Foreman grill), then season them with liquid smoke and grated apples (left over from the latkes). The result was amazing!

apple hotdog1

The three dishes tasted like apples but in different ways. The salad had that fresh crunch of the apples with some nice apple acidity in the dressing. The latkes with apple sauce had a hearty, savory apple flavor with chewy texture that would make you feel warm and cozy inside. The apple hotdogs had a nice sweet, apple barbecue flavor that definitely elevated the plain ‘ol leftover hotdog we found in the fridge.

Judging from the results, I think Chris and I won the apple challenge against…well, I guess ourselves. It’s always nice when you outdo yourself and come up with a better performance today than yesterday. We also won because we were the judges hehe. We devoured the three dishes with some delicous wine. How about you? Have you cooked multiple dishes using one main ingredient before? How did it go?

2 thoughts on “3 Delicious Dishes Using Apples (aside from apple pie)

  1. Nice blog layout change! All of these apple dishes look tasty…I like the potato latkes with chunky apple sauce – a bit of sweet, savory and tartness :) The Apple BBQ hot dog = wow!!

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