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Miyoko’s Vegan and Palm Oil-Free Butter and Cream Cheese

vegan cream cheese with no palm oil(photo by Jen at whollyvegan)

Palm oil-free? Why, what’s wrong with palm oil? Well, it’s not what’s in the palm oil that makes it horrible than where it comes from and how it’s produced.

Unfortunately the massive demand for palm oil are destroying forests and their inhabitants in Southeast Asia. Just last week, the stocks for palm oil in Indonesia set record high signaling palm oil has never been more sought after. Unfortunately that demand carries detrimental consequences.

Even some vegan products have palm oil-and verifying if the oil came from sustainable practices could be tricky. Another tricky part is the ingredients list of consumer products because palm oil also goes by different names such as Palmate and Stearic Acid.

I’ve discovered all this information at the VegFest conference in San Francisco last Saturday. Renowned vegan chef Miyoko Schinner and President of Friends of Animals Priscilla Feral explained the negative impact of palm oil production. Not to mention, Miyoko showed us how to make our own vegan butter and vegan cream cheese without the use of palm oil.

Below is the full video of the talk, the food demo starts around 19:40. I would recommend not to skip any parts though; Miyoko’s introduction was interesting to say the least!

Thanks to SF Veg Society for taking this video and sharing it to everyone.

Miyoko’s Vegan and Palm Oil-Free Butter and Cream Cheese:

Right after the demonstration, Miyoko passed out samples of the vegan cream cheese topped on fresh figs, sprinkled with crushed nuts. My friends and I thought the sample tasted delicious! I couldn’t wait to try the recipe myself.

vegan cream cheese with no palm oil(photo by Jen at whollyvegan)

To find out more information about palm oil:

News articles:

About Miyoko Schinner:

About Priscilla Feral and her advocacy:

9 thoughts on “Miyoko’s Vegan and Palm Oil-Free Butter and Cream Cheese

    • Yeah I know right?! I had no idea palm oil is almost in everything, even in lotions, shampoos, vegan products too like Earth balance and Tom’s toothpaste. Sad.

  1. It’s really sad about the use of palm oil – you will find it everywhere in your foods in Asia especially Latin America. I have never tried Miyoko’s recipes, but the cream cheese sounds lovely!

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