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Part V: Vegan Finds: Wabi-Sabi Ramen House, Makati City, Philippines

I would love to introduce to you an all veg ramen house in the Philippines called Wabi-Sabi, Vegetarian Restaurant and Grocery Store.

Wabi-Sabi is located at “The Collective“, a warehouse-turned-hip commercial area in Makati City, where superniche, superlocal, superartisanal stores and galleries reign supreme. It’s where you’ll find stores celebrating alternative lifestyles-including the vegan lifestyle.

Inside Wabi-Sabi.

wabi sabi

Wall of Fame, introducing Wabi-Sabi’s two popular soups,  “Fernando Pho Jr.” and “Ramen Padilla” cleverly named after two famous action stars in the Philippines, Fernando Poe Jr. and Robin Padilla.

wabi sabi1

Wabi-Sabi hosts a veggie food event called “Veggie Mayhem”, described on this board.wabi sabi3The spread: Wabi-sabi‘s version of vegan Chicharon aka Veggie cracklings, steamed buns (wheat Chay Pao and Regular Siopao Asado), Banh mi sandwich, Haru maki rolls, Kua pao and more.

wabi sabi 7To tell you the truth, the kitchen almost refused to take us in because we arrived late after its closing time. My friends and I had expressed we pretty much would order any left overs, and the spread above was what they were able to find for us. Not bad eh?

The kitchen staff also found us its last bowl of Pho soup-which was what we had originally sought for (mission accomplished!) Btw, this soup didn’t disappoint.

wabi sabi 4

wabi sabi 5

Vegan steamed buns or Siopao: Wheat Chay Pao and Regular Asado. Both savory sweet but I prefer the Asado.

wabi sabi 12

Veggie cracklings or vegan Chicharon, served with vinegar on the side. Possibly the best vegan version I’ve tried so far (I’ve tried 4-5 different kinds).

wabi sabi 8

Vegan Kua Pao. I wasn’t too crazy about this sandwich, but then again I’ve never had Kua Pao before so I wasn’t sure if it was really supposed to taste this way.   It was mildly sweet and crunchy, and filing.wabi sabi10

Vegan Haru maki fried spring rolls with seaweed and banana blossoms inside, served with soy sauce and mustard. Great as appetizer or side dish.

wabi sabi11

Wabi-Sabi‘s half Banh mi sandwich tastes delicious, another highly recommended dish. I would order this and the ramen again, plus the cracklings.wabi sabi 9

This below was not from Wabi-Sabi, but from Ritual Shop, another store at “The Collective”. I found out just now that this vegan peanut butter ice cream was made by blogger friend/vegan chef Marie Gonzales at Kitchen Revolution!

Marie and I never met but we were supposed to at the Astig Vegan potluck. Marie was going to bring ice cream but unfortunately she got caught in heavy traffic and wasn’t able to attend the party. I guess I was still able to try her ice cream after all! Hopefully Marie and I could meet next time.

wabi sabi 2

My friends: husband and wife, Ryan and Clare.

wabi sabi6

The whole gang.

wabi sabi 17

And guess what?! This lady approached us and said she knew about my blog. Could you believe that she is already a mom of 2 (one looks like a teenager/early 20s and one a preteen)? She looks so young and petite-must be the vegan lifestyle!wabi sabi 14

Me, by the store front and a cool bike -with a cool new friend.wabi sabi 19

Wabi-Sabi, Vegetarian/Vegan Restaurant and Grocery Store

The Collective, 7274 Malugay, Makati City 1203, Philippines
Mon – Thu: 12:00 pm – 9:00 pm, Fri – Sat: 12:00 pm – 11:00 pm
+63 918 962 2935
Cash only.
Budget: Approx. P150 per person ($3.50)

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9 thoughts on “Part V: Vegan Finds: Wabi-Sabi Ramen House, Makati City, Philippines

    • Lol I know right? I’m still bummed out I didn’t get to try their other stuff but from what they gave me, I’m not complaining either :)

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