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Part III: Vegan Finds: The Vegetarian Kitchen, Quezon City Philippines

If you find yourself visiting the Philippines and craving for vegan Filipino Food, then make sure to visit a hip little city called Quezon City.

Quezon City is one of the (if not the most) vegan-friendly destinations in the Philippines. This is home to many strictly veg establishments, including a family-owned restaurant called “The Vegetarian Kitchen“.

vegetarian kitchen outside

veg kitchen1Most of their main course dishes are combo meals, usually served with 2 side dishes and a white rice. The menu is not entirely vegan, but as you could see, every dish could be veganized upon request.

Their vegan Tocino comes with scrambled tofu, fresh veggies, and white rice. Everyone in our table had a bite of this dish and absolutely loved it.

vegetarian kitchen tocinoAnother combo meal is their Crispy Veggie Danggit (or vegan fish), served with spicy vinegar for dipping, scrambled tofu, pickled kangkong, and white rice. Another instant favorite.

veg kitchen4My sister ordered Vegan Kaldereta, a vegan stew with “pork” and vegetables cooked in tomato sauce, coconut milk, and spices. It is served with fried lumpia rolls, peanut sauce (for the lumpia), and white rice. I have to say, this version of Kaldereta is very close to the traditional!

vegetarian kitchen kalderetaMy friend got the Meatless Meatloaf. Yes, The Vegetarian Kitchen serve American dishes too. The veggie meatloaf comes with veggie stir fry and white rice. I wasn’t a big fan of this dish but my friend liked it.

veg kitchen7The Vegetarian Kitchen also offers vegan “crab” cakes served on fried rice, with vegan mayo sauce and vegetables on the side. Personally, I love savory food so this was a top pick for me. I’m not sure how close this version is to the original but I could say that this vegan version is good in its own right.

vegetarian kitchen crab cakes 1The halfway gone Bibimbap. I guess my camera wasn’t fast enough to take a photo while the vegan Bibimbap presentably lands on our table. This dish is a refreshing break from the feast of veggie meats that we ordered. Apparently, veggie meats are big among vegetarian and vegan Filipinos in the Philippines as most Filipinos love their meat taste and texture. But this Bibimbap is a welcome change and proof that vegetables could be front and center on Filipino plates.

vegetarian kitchen 5

The happy gang:

vegetarian kitchen group 1

The Vegetarian Kitchen

62B Mother Ignacia Avenue, Quezon City ( Near Crossroads 77 and in front of St. Mary’s College),
Quezon City, Philippines
Tue – Sat: 11:00 am – 9:00 pm
Phone# 3555622 , 09158300511

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7 thoughts on “Part III: Vegan Finds: The Vegetarian Kitchen, Quezon City Philippines

  1. I was able to visit them recently and I love their caldereta! Not a fan of the meatloaf, thought the bbq glaze was too sweet. Did you try desserts? I tried the carrot cake, super tasty, moist and compact. Loved it! Want to go back and try the other dishes.

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  5. Dishes were suuuper salty when we ate there last. Although that was a long time ago. Despite the saltiness though, I could tell that the food was really good! Maybe it’s time to give them another visit soon. :-)

    There’s another vegetarian restaurant near The Vegetarian Kitchen. It’s nothing special compared to The Vegetarian Kitchen though. Name escapes me atm, will come back and comment when I remember. :-D

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