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Part II: Vegan Finds: Agico Japanese Vegetarian Cafe, San Juan Philippines

To find an all veg Filipino restaurant in the Philippines may be a surprise, but to find an all veg Japanese restaurant in the Philippines is a shocker.

Agico Japanese Vegetarian Cafe in San Juan is one of my top recommendations in the Philippines. The drive to get there was a bit tricky but it turns out Agico wasn’t that far from Greenhills mall (a good landmark). In case you still couldn’t get there, Agico also delivers.

Here we are, Chris and I posing by Agico‘s front store. We found it at last!


We arrived around 3pm, after the lunch rush. Good thing Agico doesn’t close mid-day. Actually almost all of the restaurants in the Philippines do not close midday, some are even open 24 hours. The restaurant wars in the Philippines are fierce. You will see stalls after stalls in every block. Unfortunately most of these restaurants serve meat so you could just imagine my excitement when I  find a vegetarian restaurant out of all of them.

Agico is a vegetarian restaurant that has tons of vegan options. It’s a cheerful little place with bright colors and cartoon murals on the wall.



We ordered Vegan Katsu don. The Katsu was savory sweet, tender, and juicy. The vegetable toppings and white rice completed the Katsu in every bite.


Their “pork” barbecue on a stick (a Filipino delicacy), was chewy, savory, and tasty. I thought it wasn’t as smoky as the ones at Greens, or maybe because this one wasn’t grilled. Agico‘s barbecue was served with atchara, pickled raw papaya (a Filipino condiment).


Agico’s Spicy Karaage Ramen hit the spot. It didn’t matter that it was sweltering hot in the Philippines when you have a good bowl of ramen in hand. This ramen is not for the spicy lovers though as it was mildly spicy. But then again, you could just easily ask the server for hot sauce.


Agico’s Vegan Crispy California Roll is by far the best vegan sushi I’ve had. I don’t even think California has anything like these!  The roll is originally listed as vegetarian but you could easily ask for the vegan version. Who cares about the vegetarian version anyway when the vegan version alone tasted so good you might forget to use the soy sauce.


Agico is also a place to order coffee and pastries (their cupcakes are all vegan!). They have wifi so this is a good spot to bring a laptop and do some work while sipping coffee and enjoying a cupcake -or a crispy California Roll.


Here we are: our friend Justin who took us there, Chris, and I.

Their prices are a little to the high-end side compared to the ones at other Filipino restaurants. In American dollars, at Agico’s you’ll spend $5-6 a dish (average American restaurants charge $10). Agico also accepts major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, and American Express).

Despite the price, I do hope that Filipinos who earn pesos would also eat at Agico’s and at other healthier alternatives. After all, it’s cheaper to stay healthy and avoid costly medical bills.


#83 Araullo St., San Juan, Metro Manila
Mondays to Sundays 10:00am – 10:00pm
(T) +63 2 705 1997(M) +63 923 7214552
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13 thoughts on “Part II: Vegan Finds: Agico Japanese Vegetarian Cafe, San Juan Philippines

  1. Mock meat heaven!! This restaurant needs to find its way to USA stat. I love the cute characters on the wall. And I love restaurants that stay open continuously like this because I tend to eat at odd hours.

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  6. I finally got to try Agico last Tuesday and I really enjoyed everything I ordered. It was really pricey so I had to choose what I ordered carefully (even so, our bill came to about P500 each!). My favorites were the takoyaki and pumpkin pie! Super good! Planning to go back again soon. :)

    • Great to hear from you Jaq! I’m glad you enjoyed the food. Yeah, the food is a little pricey, probably because veg Japanese is very rare concept in the Philippines. Hopefully more demand would bring the prices down. Thanks for sending your feedback and recommendations. I’ll try those dishes next time!

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