Cashew Cream of Mushroom Soup and Chickpea Quinoa Soup

Lately I’ve been craving hearty soups, the ones that serve both as appetizers AND entrees because they’re just so darn hearty and filling. I perused through my blog networks and found some amazing recipes.

Here’s my rendition of Chickpea, Quinoa, and Tomato Soup by The Vegan Chickpea.

chickpea soup

I’ve added more vegetables like chopped yellow bell peppers, carrots, and celery. My soup didn’t look as red because I used heirloom tomatoes that vary in color.

This soup definitely hit the spot. No need for another course when you’re eating a bowl of it.

chickpea soup 1

I love the chunks and various textures of the soup, not to mention it’s super healthy so I didn’t feel guilty going for seconds. I highly suggest to give the recipe a try, especially with crackers.

chickpea soup 2

An alternative to Chickpea soup (but equally hearty) would be a Cashew Cream of Mushroom soup, by Vegan Sparkles.cream of mushroom wide

The soup is alot easier to make than it looks and tastes. It was soo good you’d think you’ll have to spend a paycheck to order it at a restaurant. Very gourmet yet very filling. cream of mushroom mediumWhen I was a kid, my family and I would go out to this white linen restaurant in the Philippines and I would always order Cream of Mushroom as appetizer. Never a time I went to that place and didn’t order that soup. So needless to say, the vegan version brought back warm memories of my childhood.

cream of mushroom cuI also especially love the fact that the soup is soy free-a nice break from what I would usually use in my ingredients. Instead, the recipe asks for cashews which gave the perfect creaminess.

To add something for texture, I diced up some sauteed mushrooms and topped them on my soup, served with crackers on the side.

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11 thoughts on “Cashew Cream of Mushroom Soup and Chickpea Quinoa Soup

  1. aww richgail! the soup looks spectacular! i am so glad you enjoyed it ;) i’ve made it several times and love adding more veggies to it, too! my favorites are mushrooms and broccoli ;)

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