Growing Quinoa

I’m more of a cook than a gardener by any means but every spring I couldn’t help but grow my own veggies. Living here in California, I feel that I should reap the benefits of having a nice mix of rain, sunshine, and humidity.

This year though, I’m trying something new. Aside from my usual tomato plants, I’m growing quinoa.

The idea came from my brother-in-law who is “the” farmer of the family. When my sister, him, and their kids visited us a few weeks ago, my brother-in-law helped around the house especially with gardening. He sprouted some quinoa by placing them in a mini plastic bag with water. After a few days, the quinoa sprouted and was then transplanted to a soiled pot. I took over from there, making sure the quinoa plant is nurtured and healthy.

Here are the most recent results:

quinoa plant


quinoa plant 2


I’m also growing various kinds of tomatoes. Once again, thanks to my “kuya” for bringing them in.

tomato plant cu



(Each type of tomato is labeled on its section of the pot).

I’m not sure how long it would take for the quinoa to fully grow but I believe I’m a getting a good start this month. With all the backlash of quinoa consumption, I think growing quinoa is the most ethical way to consume it.

How about you? Are you starting to grow any veggies?

Oh by the way, I’m very excited to share that Astig Vegan is mentioned in this awesome article: “The Top Four Filipino Food Favorites – Veganized”. Thanks to Elena Johnson at Compassion Over Killing for shedding light on vegan Filipino food and for the kind mention of my blog. I truly appreciate it!

3 thoughts on “Growing Quinoa

  1. how awesome, richgail! please keep us updated about how the quinoa grows.

    i am hoping to grow some plants this year since we have our own house and backyard now. maybe an herb garden and simple vegetables that are easy to grow for this first season ;)

    congrats on the mention, too! you totally deserve all the recognition!

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