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Shanghai Dumpling King, San Francisco

Have you had vegan dumplings before? The only vegan experience I had with eating Chinese dumplings was from the Trader Joe’s frozen section. Sad I know.

My luck changed after hearing tons of rave reviews and recommendations about a hole in the wall Chinese spot in San Francisco that offers vegan selections. The place is called “Shanghai Dumpling King“. Needless to say, Chris and I checked it out.

First of all, before we even get to the food, let me point out that Shanghai Dumpling is so awesome for being open late even on a Sunday (they close at 9pm, very rare for a dumpling restaurant).

dining shanghai dumpling

The place wasn’t as cramped as I had imagined. A wall divided the restaurant to two dining sections which probably made the place looked alot smaller. But other than that, it was pretty convenient to dine in.

dining shanhai dumpling

The server attentively came up to us and seated us instantly. He handed us the menus and gave us vegan recommendations based on our request. He started us off with snow pea leaf sauteed in garlic.

snow pea shanghai dumpling

The dish was garlicky – in a good way. We could tell the greens were fresh and not any day old. Plus, the dish was not overpowered by the taste of vegetable broth (like how they usually are with other restaurants).

Then came the dumplings and potstickers! I’m a fan of fried food so comparing the two, I liked the potstickers better because they were pan fried. But I’m just nitpicking. Chris loved both especially when dipped in hot sauce.


By far, the dumplings are of the best quality. From the wrapper to the filing, we could taste the difference. The prices weren’t bad either, $5.25 for a dumpling order.

Based on yelp reviews, their sugar puffs were a hit so I ordered the puffs for dessert. But after some thought, I suspected that the puffs may not be vegan. I tried and found them sweet and creamy in the center. Though they were extremely good, I was skeptical so I didn’t bother finishing it. I guess the white sugar gave it away eh?

shanghai dumpling dessert

All in all, Chris and I would come back here. The service, prices, hours, and of course the food make this place a must-visit. No wonder, it’s been getting positive reviews. Now I know where to go when I’m craving dumplings.

One thought on “Shanghai Dumpling King, San Francisco

  1. I only recently tried dumplings for the first time at Candle 79, and now I’m craving them! I love that there’s a dumpling restaurant with plenty of vegan options! Yum!

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