Have you been to Veggie Grill?

veggie grill outside 1

Have you heard of the vegan restaurant, Veggie Grill?

Apparently, it’s all the buzz in Los Angeles and Southern California in general.  And just recently, it has also opened a location in San Jose. I’m not quite sure why not San Francisco as that would have been a more obvious choice. Then again, I must have underestimated San Jose because the restaurant was packed when Chris and I checked it out.

It’s safe to say, the Veggie Grill hype has officially touched down the Bay Area.

The menu is predominantly comprised of faux meat from chick’n burgers to vegan mac and cheeze to vegan buffalo wings. I heard that they make their own faux meat from scratch. If this is true, I would assume they’ll brag about it all over their marketing material so maybe it’s just a rumor?
 buffalo wings
The vegan buffalo wings came with celery and vegan ranch. It’s my favorite out of what we had ordered. The sauce was the killer. The texture, not so much. So technically, I could easily use any vegan ingredient and coat it with the same sauce and still find it phenomenal-that is if I know how to make the sauce. So my verdict is that it’s nothing groundbreaking or innovative, but it does taste great.
crispy chickn plate
The vegan crispy chick’n was just okay, it tasted the same as the buffalo chickn without the buffalo sauce. The gravy was tasty, and I find it delicious especially when mixed in with the kale. I thought the superstar of this dish was the kale side dish. I may be just biased because I love everything kale lately.
 mac and cheeze
We also ordered the vegan mac and cheeze, which I found creamy, filling, and cheezy. My co-worker said she wasn’t a fan because she is used to the kraft cheese version (she’s not vegan). Personally I find this dish better than the original. I would order this again-and again. It’s nothing mind blowing but still very delicious.
 veggie grill
The place was surprisingly packed (we went on a Saturday). San Jose is not known to be as progressive as San Francisco but perhaps the world is changing (yay). The decor bursts with bright colors and warm lights and has that oxymoronic vibe of “clean fast food”. But maybe that’s what it is, clean fast food. After all, it’s all-vegan, conveniently accessible, and yes, delicious.


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3 thoughts on “Have you been to Veggie Grill?

    • Hi Ann, I heard Isa Chandra (famous vegan cook) just moved to Oklahoma and plans to open up a vegan restaurant. So maybe you’ll have one in your area soon! Not that you need one, your home cooking always look amazing.

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