Learning How to Smoothie


Inspired by so many great talks about green smoothies on blogs, social media, even at restaurants and friends’ homes, I’ve decided to get my hand on green smoothies too.

Here are some of the ingredients I used:

Dino kale


kale trio

As much as possible I’d like to use organic Kale to reap the best health benefits it could provide. I tried three different kinds: Curly Kale, Dino Kale, and Red Kale. I washed them thoroughly and power blended them with fruits, fruit juice, and chia seeds. I suggest using a high-power blender (I used Vitamix) to completely puree the greens. Kale smoothies taste great, they don’t taste bitter at all. I also felt instantly energized after drinking them. I could get used to this!

It’ll be ideal to get the fruits and veggies from a farmers market, but because it wasn’t that day of the week, I headed to a grocery store instead.

fresh fruits and carrots

grocery finds

frozen fruits

I used recipes from fellow bloggers who recently went under a Green Smoothie Challenge to start the new year right. For smoothies like “Blueberry Vanilla”, “Spotted Peach”, “Tropical Colada” and many more, visit Vedged Out. Other inspiring blogs include AnUnrefinedVegan, VeganIlokana, and VeganMiam. These sites never fail to motivate me to make smoothies. Eventually, I would learn what combinations work best for me as well as explore what other ingredients are out there.

almond milk

chia seeds

My “smoothie knowledge” is still at the introductory level, so I’m starting with Chia Seeds for now. Later on, I’d hope to also incorporate acai, guarana, and ginger. Watch out world, I might turn into a superhuman!

By the way, to add a tropical twist (and perhaps I could even say a Filipino twist) to your drinks, I highly recommend pouring this to the mix:


Mangosteen is a wonderful sweet fruit that carries tons of nutritious benefits. I remember eating them as a kid growing up in the Philippines. Now, it’s my secret ingredient to make my smoothies taste even better.Β I was so happy to see this juice on the grocery aisle.

The results:

red kale smoothie
green smoothie cu

6 thoughts on “Learning How to Smoothie

  1. Yay!!! Looks delicious! I’m intimidated by smoothies and juices for some reason. I bought a juicer from Groupon back in September, and it’s been sitting unused on my countertop since. Juicer coming out party soon?

    • YES! Leme know when you’re free and I’ll definitely bring my blender & ingredients, or feel free to come by Chris’. Either way, let’s have a smoothies party!

  2. Juicing and smoothies are awesome! I love to use spirulina in my smoothies and have actually been stuck on one smoothie recipe for a while but have been so creative with my juices. Need to branch out on the smoothies.

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