Premium Virgin Coconut Oil by Nutri-Coco, Review and Giveaway

Hooray for giveaways! This time from the coconut oil company, Nutri-Coco. You probably know the usual disclaimer but here it goes anyway: I got the product for free sent to me by Nutri-Coco. All opinions stated here are my own and were never swayed by the company.

With that said, I could honestly say that I’m a newly coconut oil convert. I would use coconut oil as often as Julia Child would use butter-not that I’m comparing myself to the great Julia Child, just merely saying most of my dishes now have coconut oil in it. Of course, unlike butter, coconut oil is dairy-free but with the same fatty, creamy, buttery taste. Not to mention, the aroma alone is appetizing!

For the first recipe, I incorporated the oil to my squash soup with mushroom and kale. I simply sauteed the oil with garlic and onion, then added mushrooms and kale. I added the pureed squash, some splash of water, some splash of coconut milk, and seasoned with sea salt and a bit of Thai Chili. The result was a winner especially for this cold season.

Another simple recipe I did was sautéing the green beans with oil, then threw in slivered almonds, and sprinkled some black truffle salt. The recipe was not original except for the use of coconut oil instead of butter. The switch brought out the fresh taste of the beans but with some creamy taste to it. I served this as a side dish on our Thanksgiving dinner.

Another dish that I served on Thanksgiving was my Spicy Wild Mushrooms. As it turns out, coconut oil and mushrooms proved to be a winning combination, they complement each other’s flavors really well. After about 5 minutes in the pan over medium heat, I also added snow fungus, red onion, seasoned with tamari and spicy peppers, served on a bed of kale.

Aside from cooking, I’ve learned that coconut oil also has uses for the hair and skin. It’s completely versatile and flexible. But please note that just like olive oil, some brands are not as good or unrefined. Please watch out for the low grade ones. Nutri-Coco is unrefined and of premium quality but I’ll let you be the judge.

I’m giving away one jar of the Nutri-Coco Virgin Coconut Oil for free, just leave a comment here telling us what recipe(s) you’d use the oil for, or tell us other uses aside from cooking with it. Feel free to also “like” Astig Vegan on Facebook or follow on Twitter.

After one week, a winner will be announced and will receive a box of this in the mail:

The giveaway has ended. Big congratulations to Tamiko! Enjoy your jar of Nutri-Coco Virgin Coconut Oil.

Thanks to all those who joined, please stay tuned for more giveaways.

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30 thoughts on “Premium Virgin Coconut Oil by Nutri-Coco, Review and Giveaway

  1. I would love to make some yummy vegan mini cheesecakes I get home from my long trip in Asia! I am craving for vegan desserts back home!

    As always, your Twitter friend :)

  2. Not sure if I posted this. I would love to use this product in vegan mini cheesecakes after my long trip in Asia, and I’m craving for loads of vegan mini cheesecakes now!

  3. I recently made a raw cheesecake with a good–but inferior–coconut oil. I’d love to enhance the flavors with Nutri-CoCo. I’d also like to try my beloved kale chips with coconut oil versus the standard olive oil.
    As an African American woman with no chemical relaxer, I’ve learned coconut oil is one of few oils that actually penetrates the hair shaft, so I will certainly set aside a scant amonunt for my hair (which I’ve affectionately named Sybil)!
    Ahhhhh….so many applications, so little time!

  4. So funny – I’ve been going a little coconut oil crazy lately. As you say, the smell alone!! So good. I’ve put it in cookies…chocolates…pumpkin pie…Haven’t yet gone the savory route, but soon. Soon. Thanks for the giveaway, Richgail!

  5. I would love to use the coconut oil by making some gluten free chocolate-chip pancakes or some cream of cauliflower soup! Yum! I would be so honored and appreciative of such a lovely gift!

  6. I haven’t had any coconut oil in the house in awhile, so winning this would be awesome! I have saved a brownie recipe for the next time I have some…Here’s to hoping! :)

  7. I’d use the coconut oil in vegan afritada. My boyfriend is Filipino and a recent vegan convert, and he has negative memories of traditional food from the Philippines (too greasy, oily, fatty). I’d like to make him a vegan version of this stew, because it looks delicious, and I want him to replace the negative association (with food from his homeland), with a positive one.

  8. I actually just ran out of my jar of coconut oil and I am just starting to teach myself to vegan/gluten free baking. I would use coconut oil for this new adventure in the kitchen, especially as winter is approaching and I love having friends over for warm drinks and baked goodies.
    I have primarily used coconut oil on my hair (especially my scalp) and skin. I don’t like lotions and coconut oil penetrates the skin really well so it doesn’t end up just rubbing off on my sheets or clothes.

  9. I currently use Tropical Traditions Coconut oil. I would love to try this one!!

    I use coconut oil in EVERYTHING. I love it in my morning wheat berries with YoungLiving essential lemon oil! I love it especially in my spaghetti noodles before I add the sauce, it makes it taste so rich and wholesome. Last night I put it on my butternut squash before I baked it, I didn’t even have to add any seasoning, none. No salt no pepper just oil and squash. I loved it! I recently got my friend to try it and now she loves coconut oil! Oh, also love to nourish my hair with it! I just made the most amazing chocolate chip cookies too!

  10. I’d probably use the coconut oil to replace the oil in my favorite recipes, like my homemade green bean casserole or the curried carrot bisque from Vegan with a Vengeance.

  11. Love using coconut oil in my hair, on my skin, in salves and for most of my cooking needs, oh and for making chocolate, yum!

  12. I already use coconut oil for lots of things in my kitchen– like curries or even homemade granola– but I’ve never tried that brand; I’d love to win!

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