Happy Thanksgiving! How I celebrated mine:

My family celebrated Thanksgiving one day earlier because my sister and her family, who came from SoCal, had to go back Thursday morning. Good thing I was also off work yesterday so I could whip up all my vegan dishes in time for dinner.

I got too excited and planned on serving not one, but five vegan dishes to my omni family.

The first was the easiest because I bought it ready to eat, it’s called “Celebration Roast” from the brand, Field Roast. It was also soy-free so I thought it would be perfect for my dad who has gout. I sliced and fried the Seitan roast on a pan, and garnished with tomatoes and kale. My family was very curious and quick to try them.

For the salad, I wanted it to be heart-healthy nutritious and delicious. I cut some kale, then added quinoa and shredded almonds. For sweetness, I added a natural sweetener, sliced beets. For dressing, I tossed the salad in a little bit of olive oil, apple cider vinegar, and stevia sugar.

I had my dad in mind when I was making this salad. Aside from gout, my dad also has diabetes. Not to mention, he just got out of the hospital few days ago from a quadruple bypass surgery because his heart arteries were clogged. He’s recovering at home now but I want to make sure he’ll maintain a healthy diet from now on.

A blogger friend once called me “Mushroom Queen” for always incorporating mushrooms in my dishes. For Thanksgiving, here’s my obligatory mushroom dish hehe: Spicy Wild Mushrooms Saute.

I sauteed the wild mushrooms with premium virgin coconut oil using the brand Nutri Coco. Then I added some hot peppers, red onions, and tamari. The result was a winner, my family loved it! Please stay tuned as I’ll be giving away a jar of the Nutri Coco premium coconut oil. That would be my next post.

I also used Nutri Coco coconut oil for my side dish and sauteed it with green beans and almonds. I sprinkled black truffle salt as finishing. Yum!

For soup, I made some spicy coconut curry with pureed squash, fried tofu, oyster mushrooms, and string beans. I used the ghost pepper that my brother in law harvested from his backyard. I gotta say organic is the best.

All in all, here are my vegan offerings for Thanksgiving:

Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours!

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5 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving! How I celebrated mine:

  1. That field roast was a huge hit last year- even the omni’s loved it! I love how you’re taking care of your dad- you are so sweet and thoughtful. I’m glad that you all had a great Thanksgiving! xo

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