Late Bloomers

It’s almost the end of September and yet my tomato and zucchini plants are still working on ripening their fruits. I have harvested big, juicy tomatoes here and there as well as a bagful of cherry variations but tons are still left in the garden. My brother-in-law who is also an avid gardener, suggested pruning to speed up the process so I pruned and trimmed away.

It’s not that I don’t have access to the grocery store and I’m in dire need of these vegetables (or fruits?). I’m just worried that the Fall season will roll in soon and cooler temperature will kill my plants before they reach full bloom. What do you think? Any tips?

My tomatoes:


Almost ripe.










They’re beating me to it.



The infested eggplant plant (damn you critters!).

My only consistent harvest comes from these cherry tomato plants. At first glance, they seem dry and dying but they’ve continually given sweet, ripe fruits almost everyday.



I’ve also bought some fresh basil at a Fresh and Easy grocery store. Instead of cooking the basil, I planted it in a pot. It’s been three weeks, so far so good!

If you know a thing or two in vegetable and fruit gardening, please feel free to share some tips. Thanks!

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7 thoughts on “Late Bloomers

  1. We’ve all had a bad year vegetable-wise thanks to the drought. I pick my tomatoes when they turn white (just after turning green and before turning red.) I keep them in the kitchen in a bowl with my other fruit: plums, bananas, etc. So they help to ripen each other. I think someone has been stealing my tomatoes. I keep counting them but I forget how many I counted! I guess I should start writing it down. But what good would that do because I don’t know who’s taking them! Hence, the picking when they’re white.

    • Gotcha! Thanks so much Marcella. This helps alot. That’s funny that someone has been taking your tomatoes, the tomatoes must look so delicious!

      • I don’t know, maybe it’s bugs eating them? Anyway, they look delicious and they ARE delicious! I picked a bunch this morning – mostly whitish, some just barely turning red. We’re supposed to get a freeze by next weekend. I don’t want to lose any!

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