Restaurant Review: St. Francis Fountain and Diner

Very rarely do I spot American diners serving vegan food. Usually, they serve eggs, steak, and bacon. The best thing I could order is a bland salad or hash browns. From time to time, I’ll spot a veggie burger in the menu but the patties would taste bland if not nasty. Vegans out there, do you feel my pain? So when I spotted an American Diner, St. Francis Fountain on a Veg News article: “The 20 Best Vegan Dishes in the Mission District (SF)“, I was intrigued.

Chris and I headed straight to St. Francis Fountain to find out if it’s any good.  Here’s what we ordered:


Tofu Scramble:
With pesto sauce, (option of ranchero or peanut-ginger sauce also available). Served with toasted bread, vegan butter, and crispy baked potatoes.

The verdict: Two thumbs way upp!!! I wish there were more tofu but all in all very good.


The Vegan Thing:
breakfast potatoes covered in vegan jack cheese, guacamole and salsa

The verdict: Filling and tasty! This is carbs-galore of course but what do you expect in an American diner? The avocado on top was a nice touch. Very good blend of flavors in every layer. Good job St. Francis Diner!


The menu has vegan options!


Vegan pancakes! We’ll order this next time.


More Vegan Awesomeness


I also ordered soy vanilla milkshake. Soo good…


My new fave.


There are more seating at the back but I was too shy to take a photo of the people eating there.


80s memorabilia on display.


The view from the outside.


I heard St. Francis has been around since 1918 and is known for being San Francisco’s oldest Ice Cream Parlor. Well thank you St. Francis for staying around and catering to vegan customers. Hopefully you’ll keep adding more cruelty-free options.

St. Francis Fountain and Diner
2801 24th Street, San Francisco
On The Corner Of York & 24th
Phone: (415) 826-4210

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4 thoughts on “Restaurant Review: St. Francis Fountain and Diner

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  2. I”m with Caitlin- those potatoes look pretty killer! Thank you for the heads up on this place- it’s always good to have a vegan diner around for those rare times when you need some old fashioned diner food!

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