Well said, Sir Paul McCartney

This especially goes to those who think going meat-free is a scary thought. I myself took awhile before becoming fully vegetarian and later vegan. It takes time sometimes and that’s okay. Anyway, Paul McCartney says it better:

What do you think of the video? Do you agree?

To vegans, how long did it take you before adopting the lifestyle?

5 thoughts on “Well said, Sir Paul McCartney

  1. Thank you for sharing this video – Paul McCartney is a role model to so many people, and I hope that having him share his voice will garner further support for the Meat Free Monday movement. It’s strange to think that just eight months ago I was annoyed that my school had Meat Free Mondays! And now I eat a vegan diet…

    • I could relate! I used to be that person who would tell vegans I could never give up meat and cheese…Just goes to show it’s very possible to go vegan. And yup, Paul McCartney is such an inspiration to many folks from his music to his meat-free advocacy. More power to him!

  2. I love Sir Paul and always thought it was interesting and cool that he was a vegetarian from way back. I didn’t go vegan straight off – but transitioned from meat-eater to vegetarian to vegan. It evolved so naturally. Thanks for sharing!

  3. It’s a process being meat-eater to vegetarian to vegan but ones you’ve seen the results or the benefits of it you become more motivated to stay in this kind of lifestyle. =)

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