Photos from the Summer Potluck

Disclaimer: This post has TONS of photos. You’ve been warned :)
Last Sunday the folks at KapaMEALya as well as friends and acquaintances from all over the Bay Area stepped up to the challange and brought their best vegan dish to our potluck. It was a celebration and a feast as our serving table held delicious dishes like Vegan Tocino, Vegan Tinola, Vegan Corn Dog Muffins, Vegan Carrot Cupcakes, and many more.Β  Below is a sneak peek of what went down. By the way, some photos were taken by our good friend, Jenn Kirk.


Vegan Caprese Salad:

Clare making Vegan Halo-halo.




Orange Tofu and Kale (Vegan Version of Orange Chicken):


Chris and my goddaughter, Cycy making faces.

As you notice, the photos didn’t have a hint of bright sunlight, that’s because mother nature gave us a cloudy forecast. What a bummer! Then again, we had good food and we weren’t sunburned, I guess it worked out!


Vegan Sinigang:


What I made: Vegan Filipino Spaghetti.





Some signs says “not for voting”. Basically, we had a contest where the best vegan dish wins based on people’s votes. Because I created the contest, I excluded myself from joining.


And the winner, my friend Clare ( the one holding up the book). Clare made Vegan Sinigang and everybody loved it! She won an Astig Challenge Trophy, “Food Tour” Book by Claude Tayag, and a $35 Gift Card from Gracias Madre. Congratulations Clare!

Coconut milk popsicles!

Let’s toast!

I was glad that our friends at No Worries Cuisine was able to catch the tail end, better late than never. They brought Vegan Kare-kare.
In retrospect, the second year proved to be more successful.Β  Everybody including big meat eaters cooked and brought amazing vegan dishes. Thank you to those who came out. You guys are the best!

8 thoughts on “Photos from the Summer Potluck

    • Thank you! I wish u were there too! I’m glad all the planning paid off. The only thing I can’t control was the weather. Oh well, seemed like folks still had fun :)

    • Hehe thanks. Yeah, the weather has been spotty here in the SF Bay Area. Sometimes it’s too hot then becomes chilly, now it’s back to hot again :\

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