Grand Prize Revealed for Potluck this Sunday

I’m beyond excited to announce that renowned Vegan Mexican Restaurant, Gracias Madre, is lending its support to AstigVegan by donating “Dining For Two Gift Certificate” ($35) as one of the grand prizes this Sunday!

To those who have been at Gracias Madre knows this is a treat. To those who haven’t yet, Gracias Madre is a haven to vegans and non-vegans alike who love Mexican Food. Not to mention, Gracias Madre grows its own produce so what goes on your plate is farm fresh¬†and delicious.



Here’s a look at their menu:

For the full menu, click here.




The ambiance is communal, cozy, and inviting with its Mexican decors, artworks, and murals.

(The photos below were copied from the restaurant’s website).




Like AstigVegan, I love that Gracias Madre also aims to achieve the flavors of a meat-focused cuisine like Mexican cuisine. With the gift certificate, at no cost, you can be the judge if they were able to achieve it. BUT FIRST! You have to win the vegan competition this Sunday by winning people’s votes and tummies.

Here’s what’s at stake for the Grand Prize:
  • Gracias Madre “Dining for Two” Gift Certificate ($35)
  • “Food Trip” Book, donated by KapaMEALya
  • AstigVegan Tote Bag


the coveted Astig Challenge trophy!

The winner gets to keep the trophy this whole year and some bragging rights. ¬†The following year, challengers must beat the current champion to re-claim the trophy. There could only be one champion As not to pin down the winner for having to join every year, we’ll present one trophy a year, so are you in or you out? Let’s do this!


To RSVP, please email or leave a comment here. See you Sunday!


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3 thoughts on “Grand Prize Revealed for Potluck this Sunday

  1. Hi RIchgail, do you have a recipe filipino afritada and menudo that is soy free and of course vegan.
    If not can you lead me to any bloggers that has this one’s. Salamat, Antoniette

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