3 Delicious Recipes with Chickpeas

As if the “foodie stars” aligned, three of my favorite blogs posted recipes highlighting chickpeas. What a perfect coincidence. I had always wanted to create something delicious out of chickpeas but nothing comes to mind. With the help of these talented ladies, here’s what I made:




Inspired by Farrah‘s hummus recipe.

Instead of using sweet potatoes, I stuck with the basics: chickpeas, tahini, olive oil, salt, pepper, paprika.


To take it a bit further, I made “Eggless-cellentย salad” recipe by Luminousvegans:

This was so good. One lesson learned from making this salad: it matters what kind of tofu you use. Don’t skimp on good tofu, they are worth it! Now I realize, no wonder some people are repulsed by tofu, they haven’t tried the good stuff.


Last but not least, I also whipped up an entree based from Mighty Vegan‘s winning General Tso recipe:

The recipe calls for tahini as the batter but I used the hummus I made and it still resulted to something spectacular. Definitely worth giving a try.



Btw, chickpeas or garbanzo beans have TONS of protein. So next time you get asked “So where do you get your protein?” You could add chickpeas to your list of answers.

Thank you Fairy Healthy Life, Luminous Vegans, and Mighty Vegan for the amazing recipes. Please continue to inspire your subscribers!



14 thoughts on “3 Delicious Recipes with Chickpeas

  1. I love it. You are very creative! I had no idea about good quality tofu. That’s a great tip. Thank you for including me! :)

  2. Ha! Stars are aligning! I just posted a chickpea recipe and then headed on over here and you have three more for me to try. Yes, chickpeas are an awesome protein source. I really want to try that General Tso. Your sauce is a lot darker, what did you do different other than using the hummus?

    • Oh cool! What a great coincidence indeed, maybe it’s the season for chickpeas? lol. My General Tso was darker probably because of the hummus and soy sauce. I ended up using more of them.

      I’ll try the egg-free salad with young coconut meat, seems very intriguing. Thanks for the tip!!! I’ll head over to your post to see your chickpea recipe, I’m excited to try it out as well.

      • All this food gawking so early in the a.m. is making me hungry. General Tso is definitely on my list to try this week. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Is there anything that chickpeas can’t do? I love those little guys! All three of these recipes look awesome- thank you for the head’s up! :-)

    • You are right, I’m finding out more and more recipes with chickpeas and they all seem delicious :)

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