Writer/blogger and psychology student Desiree Tan, recently wrote an article about the different kinds of healthy diets including vegetarianism and veganism. Much to my delight, she has reached out to AstigVegan for an interview. Of course, I gladly said yes. Desiree posted the article on her blog, “Tales of a Fearless Princess”.

The article talks about the perks of eating healthy as well as the different levels of going meatless. I’ve always been ambivalent about semi-vegan lifestyles. What do you think?

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This is an issue-topic article featuring five people who adhere to different types of healthy lifestyles and diets. Written for my feature writing class, submitted in January 2012. Cross-posted from my online portfolio, other people might like to read this and so I decided to post this article here as well.

Vietnamese people don’t get fat. When I went to Vietnam on a four-day tour, I ate a ton of vegetables, spring rolls, rice noodles, and very little meat. Although there were some fried food here and there, Vietnamese cuisine is generally healthy and nutritious. The people in my tour group were quite surprised that they did not see a single overweight Vietnamese native.

IT TAKES a spoonful of creativity and a cup of courage to eat healthily in Manila. There are two reasons why maintaining a healthy lifestyle in this city can be a tricky business: one is…

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