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New Pop-up in town: “Organic Soul Live” Plus AstigV Auction Update

It wasn’t so long ago when I first heard of a pop-up restaurant when I discovered another one this weekend. I feel like I keep stumbling upon a treasure mine.

Basically, a pop-up restaurant is a temporary space where the chef and his/her crew sell their food for a limited time. It’s a neat concept especially if it involves delicious vegan food.

My first “taste” of a pop-up was from the company, Wildflower, based in New York but crossed the coast to the feed folks in San Francisco. Lo and behold, another pop-up from New York has made its way to the Bay Area. (I guess it’s a New York thing?) Organic Soul Live has graced its way to Oakland’s Chinatown-and has been slowly turning the place into a vegan destination spot.

The allure of Organic Soul Live is not just its vegan food, but also its unassuming “hidden” location. You’ll find it inside a tiny Tutti Frutti yogurt place. 

Elijah Joy is the one-man-band running Organic Soul Live. He chatted with us as if we’ve been his regular customers, even ran out the door to make sure we got the Shiitake bacon we ordered.


Here’s a review from the newspaper, East Bay Express (by a non-vegan writer!).



Organic Soul Live caught the attention of the East Bay Express which then caught the attention of the renowned vegan blog, Vegansaurus, which then caught my attention…  So here we are with the yummy food in hand:


We ordered the combo: Vegan “Go Go (Collard) Greens”, Vegan Mac and Cheese, Vegan Curry, and brown rice.

The curry reminded me of the Filipino Menudo, savory sweet.  I love the collard greens though Chris found it too tangy. I thought the Mac and cheese was okay, but the most memorable component was the Shiitake bacon-which I’m very grateful Elijah chased us for.


 Organic Soul Live
388 9th St, Ste 101, Oakland, CA
Open 12pm – 9pm Everyday


We are only few days away from declaring the winning bid at the VSPCA Fundraiser. AstigVegan is donating several customized prizes to VSPCA, where all proceeds would help the poor communities of India as well as its abused animals.



We’re auctioning off a gift set that includes:

An ASTIGVEGAN Cookbook(let)/Magazine


Pili Nut Cheese (Not sold anywhere! Pili nuts have the most good fat content among all nuts, more than macadamias!)


AND throwing this in:

A handy dandy AstigVegan tote bag


The current bid for ALL three is at $35.

Can you beat that? Going once..going twice…


To bid or to get more information: click here.


6 thoughts on “New Pop-up in town: “Organic Soul Live” Plus AstigV Auction Update

    • Not sure, I heard indefinitely until he finds another space. Yeah we should head out there. Also, have you heard of Radio Africa in SF? Let’s go!

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