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Lyfe Kitchen, Wildflower Popup, and Om Shan Tea

There’s something about the process of cooking that exudes a therapeutic effect, it transforms any mood into a pleasant one-especially if the food tastes delicious! But every once in a while, I believe it’s okay to take a break from the kitchen and explore diverse restaurants in the neighborhood. On Saturday, I went from Hayward to Palo Alto to San Francisco, dining my way around the Bay Area. And yes, it felt good too.



First stop: Lyfe Kitchen, Palo Alto.

Lyfe Kitchen is co-owned by vegan chef, Tal Ronnen.  It’s not all vegan but it does offer a separate, comprehensive vegan lunch and dinner menu. It offers both outdoor and indoor dining.



Cool, clean, modern ambiance.



Fresh herbs on display. I love their mantra “Love YOUR food everyday”.



What we ordered: Crispy Gardein Chicken Sandwich, it had fresh tomato, lettuce, agave pickles and other vegetables on multi-grain bread. Served with salad on the side.



We also had vegan Caesar Salad, with organic romaine, cherry tomatoes, english cucumbers, eggless Caesar salad dressing and multi-grain croutons.

I thought the Caesar Salad at Cafe Gratitude was the best version-then I had this from Lyfe Kitchen that blew me away.  A MUST HAVE when you dine here.



Another must have: Chef Tal’s ancient grain bowl, with stir-fried Gardein tips and vegetables over whole-grain farro and quinoa with sweet chile-ginger sauce.

Look at how colorful it is! Not only that, it was  sweet-savory and hearty, without the heaviness of a greasy stir-fry.



Now you see them…



Now you don’t…


Clearly, we loved the food. If there’s one thing I’ll have to critique about this place is that the portions were not that big, at least not for my appetite anyway.



Next stop: The Window, San Francisco

I had never heard of a “pop-up” concept before but apparently, aside from food trucks, catering services, and restaurants, “pop-ups”  allow the chef and his/her crew to tour and rent a temporary space where they’ll sell their food for a limited time.


Over the weekend, New York based pop-up, Wildflower visited San Francisco.

Executive Chef Ayinde Howell cooked his signature creations- a rare treat for the folks of the Bay Area.



What we ordered: Beer battered tempeh tacos with chipotle spice homemade tortilla chips. My favorite from Chef Ayinde.



Crazy Jamaican slider with herbed JoJo’s & scotch bonnet aoli. Yum.



Seitan Shwarma With Mint Tzatziki in pita. I’m missing this already.



All vegan baby.



Chef Ayinde and his lovely food server (sorry I forgot her name).



Last Stop: Om Shan Tea House, San Francisco

It was time to unwind with a good cup of tea and Om Shan Tea House didn’t disappoint. I love their bohemian, provincial ambiance.



Beautiful lamps and their silhouettes.



The tea table has a built in sink, you just dump the water straight to it!



Sipping some Puerh tea. Mmmm…



I also have to point out that aside from premium loose leaf teas, Om Shan offers an all vegan food menu. Oh they spoil me.



12 thoughts on “Lyfe Kitchen, Wildflower Popup, and Om Shan Tea

  1. You are oh so spoiled!! How fun. Everything looks great. I especially love the herb display!

    • haha yes, very spoiled over the weekend.. the Bay Area is such a haven for vegans like me :) Your weekend wasn’t too bad either, vacation in New Mexico? Awesome!

    • I loved their food too..I heard mixed reviews about the place but personally, I enjoyed dining there. Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  2. I’m from the bay area too and I am so envious right now! I’m dying to try out Lyfe and when I heard about Wildflower, I so badly wanted to head north. Perhaps they will do a pop-up in LA…. A girl can dream.

    Thanks for the reviews, Richgail! :-)

    • Wow it’s nice to meet another vegan foodie blogger from the Bay Area. I heard LA also has great vegan places. :)

    • It was so nice to meet you at the cooking class! Thanks for checking out my humble lil blog. I’m following yours too!

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