Pili Nut Cheese

Have you guys heard of Pili nuts?

It’s a wonderful nut indigenous to the Philippines that has a rich buttery flavor.

According to Pilinuts.org, aside from its great taste, it also carries many nutritional value such as the heart healthy omegas and all 8 amino acids. Pili nuts have the highest level of Vitamin E among all nuts and the highest level of Magnesium, important for healthy nerves, muscles and bones.




I’ve eaten Pili nuts before but only the ones that are glazed with caramelized sugar, they’re the most popular kind in my old neighborhood-and apparently also here in the Bay Area. Every time I check a Filipino grocery store here, I couldn’t find the fresh Pili nuts I’ve been wanting to try without all those sugar.

I wanted the plain ones because I’ve been hearing about nut cheeses: Macadamia cheese, Cashew cheese, so I grew curious. What if I made Pili nut cheese? It’s something unheard of because I kept looking everywhere for a recipe, assuming somebody has already done it. But then again, most Filipinos are not vegan so maybe the thought never crossed their minds.

After some research and testing, I’ve found the plain ones and tried out my own recipe. Much to my delight, it came out like this:



I’m including this Pili nut cheese to my gift set for auction. The gift set includes the cheese, a tote bag, and a mini cookbook compiling our all-time most popular recipes on this site. All proceeds will help feed vegan meals to the poor communities in India as well as help the country’s abused animals.

To learn more about the fundraiser, please visit Richa’s (the organizer) blog for details.


15 thoughts on “Pili Nut Cheese

  1. great blog. I love Pili nuts. My grandma is from Sorsogon and she would always bring us back bags and bags of pili nuts whenever she visited her relatives. I have such fond childhood memories associated with Pili. I have no idea where I can get those nuts in LA. I will definitely bid on your gift set. It sounds like such a great cause.

  2. My mom is from Bicol and I love the taste of the pili. Now where can you buy it here in North America or Toronto Canada. The fresh one to make it as a cheese. I have made the cashew version.I would be really interesting to have it done in pili version.

  3. Thank you all for the kind comments! I love to hear that some of you have fond memories of pili nuts and some are interested to try. I for one need to order more of em.

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    • What??? That sounds awesome. I should have tried some when I was there. Bummer, do you have a recipe?

  6. Pili Nuts is an amazing Philippines Food. It has a lot of nutritional values. My grandma used to give me pili nuts to eat when I was a child.
    Pili Nuts are highly beneficial for health. These delectable nuts not only prevent cardiovascular diseases but also help in maintaining brain balance, developing healthy bones, hormone production and muscle tissues. These nuts are frequently utilized in several desserts including cakes. In addition, pili nuts contain magnesium, amino acids and protein that play a vital role in detoxification of liver, healthy blood-sugar levels and regulation of body’s energy. It also prevents cholesterol from turning into plague. Amino acids boost immune system.
    Being a rich source of nutrients, pili nuts have a wonderful creamy, butter flavor that melts in mouth. Pili Nuts comprise of various nutrients such as Thiamin, Iron, Copper, Folate, Calcium, Phosphorus, Riboflavin, Zinc, Niacin and Vitamin B6.

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