Nothing like the Farmers Market

A trip to the Farmers Market always makes my day off to a good start. On Saturday, I headed to one of San Francisco’s Farmers Markets and found these lovely, inspiring goodies:










































What do you have at your Farmers Market? What’s your favorite?


9 thoughts on “Nothing like the Farmers Market

  1. That’s an interesting variety of farmers market goodies! Of all things, those red walnuts intrigue me the most–probably because I’d never heard of them until just now. The farmers markets around here currently feature a ton of local strawberries, avocados, and various citrus. One of my favorite markets is actually in Oakland (the Temescal one on Sundays), in large part because they have Blue Bottle coffee and delicious vegan Indian food.

    • I dont know why I didn’t grab those red walnuts, I should have! Yeah I remember sucking on sugar cane too, I kept asking grown ups why can’t I just bite and eat them lol.

  2. Ugly portabellos? Thats funny. Your farmer’s market looks lovely. We have several small outdoor farmer’s markets in Atlanta. I haven’t been to all of them, but its my goal to bike to most of them this summer.

    • Maybe they do, I’m not too sure. I’ve only made that trip once, it was worth checking out though :)

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