Potluck with the Kapamealya

(Those were vegan boots by the way ahem ahem)


Like what I referred on my Foodie Penpal post, I’m grateful that AstigVegan.com has led me to meeting wonderful new people. Last Saturday, I had the chance to catch up with the folks of the Kapamealya crew.

Kapamealya is a group of bloggers, chefs, and artists passionate about Filipino Food. It’s not vegan at all but the group members were very friendly, gracious, and open to inviting other people including vegans like me to their get-togethers. In fact, some of them brought vegan dishes.Β Dominic Ainza made a vegan Mushroom Truffle Soup, Joanne Boston-Kwanhull brought some vegan sausages and beans, Francis L. made a vegan butternut squash soup, Aileen Suzara made a vegan ube filling, and somebody brought sweet “Turon”, which happens to be vegan too! I brought my Vegan Filipino Escargot aka “Luto sa Kuhol”.
The ladies of the Kapamealya: L-R Lara, Joanne (the potluck organizer), Aileen, and Annapet.


The potluck was held at the Mercury Lounge, SF.


Chef Dominic Ainza made this AMAZING Mushroom Truffle Soup.


Food Galore. Here’s my Vegan Filipino Escargot/ Vegan “Luto Sa Kuhol”.


I spiked some toothpick so folks could easily get to the “slugs” (oyster mushrooms). The dish got plenty of compliments. Recipe soon!


Here’s a station for the “make your own burrito”. Folks weren’t making vegan versions but they were cool to ask me if I wanted to.


Fellow food blogger, Chris or @AngColette sporting a Manila Rice shirt.


Chris was kind enough to let me borrow this book, it’s about the author’s “foodie road trip” in the Philippines.


The whole gang!

Thanks so much to Joanne for putting the potluck together. It’s nice to see the faces behind the online blogs and Twitter hash tags.

This potluck was the second time I got to see folks of the Kapamealya and already it felt like a family reunion!


4 thoughts on “Potluck with the Kapamealya

  1. I love potlucks and this one is filled with such beautiful people and sounds like so much fun. You remind me of myself when I wear stuff that doesn’t look vegan but it most definitely is. I almost want to wear a shirt that says “these shoes/boots/etc are not made of leather”. :-)

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