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Food Ethics: Animal Rights vs Human Rights?

On January 26th, TJ and I headed to Oakland to get “vegucated” on food ethics . The event was called “Food, Justice, & Sustainability” with vegan chef, author and activist Bryant Terry.

I always hear amazing reviews of Bryant’s cookbook “Vegan Soul Kitchen”, so I was excited to see him talk about his cooking as well as his personal views.


Aside from Bryant, a panel of food activists also joined the conversation:
Bryant Terry, author/activist/chef “Vegan Soul Kitchen”, “The Inspired Vegan”


Brahm Ahmadi, CEO of People’s Community Market


Amie Breeze Harper, author/academic & editor of “Sistah Vegan”


Raj Patel, author/activist/academic “Stuffed and Starved”, “The Value of Nothing”


Nikki Henderson, Executive Director of People’s Grocery


Bryant Terry at TTS Speakers Series in Oakland. Sorry for the blurry image, I was using my cellphone.

Witnessing their brilliant minds exchange unique discourse revealed just how the vegan community is so diverse.Β  The panelists divulged into the many aspects of food including how we treat not only animals but also the farmers who grow our crops.Β  They also discussed the lack of awareness of food sources as well as different approaches to advocating veganism.


Anyway, below are snippets of the discussion. It’s not the best visual quality but the audio is clear.

Here, Amie Breeze Harper talks about how other people, even vegans care about animals but not farmers:

Raj Patel delightfully talks about a phenomena in Malawi:

Bryant Terry reads a recipe from his new cookbook, The Inspired Vegan. He dedicates it to those who grow his recipe ingredients:


TJ & I at the event.

As late holiday present, TJ gave me a Bryant Terry cookbook, Vegan Soul Kitchen, woohoo!

Personally, being vegan teaches me to be more compassionate towards all living things. Animal rights and Human rights are not mutually exclusive. If anything, they complement each other.

2 thoughts on “Food Ethics: Animal Rights vs Human Rights?

    • Wow! Thanks Breeze for the feedback. And thank you for enlightening us at the Speaker Series. More power to your works!

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