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Vegan in Vegas, Day 3

Chris flew to Vegas for work. I simply tagged along for a mini-vacation.

For our breakfast and lunch, we would check out the hefty buffet Chris’ work provided for its employees and their family and friends. Yup, they also had something for vegans-whether they were aware of it or not. For dinner, we explored the strip and ate out.

Day 3 (or should I say night 3) of our Vegas trip , Chris and I met up with my friend from high school who now lives there. My friend, Lalaine suggested Chinatown for late night snack.

Even though my first time at their Chinatown didn’t exactly please me, I trusted Lalaine’s judgement because she’s a local there now.

Tea Station at the Vegas’ Chinatown caters to the late munchers. We dined in around 11pm and the place was packed. I was so glad to have found this place, I’m such a sucker for Chinese loose leaf teas so having both vegan food and Chinese tea at the same time is like hitting the jackpot at the slots.

I ordered the Tea flavored Bean Curd and some Tie Guan Yin Tea. Mmm…

Chris ordered fried tofu and a side of rice. He was going to order fried mushrooms but the server said they’ve already made the tofu and it was too late to change orders. Lalaine ordered a non-veg, Eel bento meal.

So nice to catch up with Lalaine!

The Tea Station satisfied our appetite and hunger. I’ll definitely come back for more especially because I found out they also have a location here in the Bay Area.



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