Scenes from our NYE Party

Happy New Year Everyone!

Instead of travelling somewhere for New Year’s Eve, my family and I welcomed 2012  at our new home in Hayward. The party would have been really small (just my parents, my sister and I), but my aunt and uncle from Socal surprised us with their visit! My best friend, Lhen-Lhen also joined us.

Prepping for my dishes

Ta-da! Gardein Chicken and Vegan Menudo!

At most grocery stores nowadays, vegan meat alternatives are readily available. I thought I should go with  veggie meat this time. I remember that celebrating NYE in the Philippines would mean lechon “manok” or chicken, so I decided to do my version of vegan “lechon manok”. The recipe for the savory sauce was the same one from my Chicken Scalloppine (though I learned scallopine is traditionally cooked in a different way. Oh well, I’m sticking with this winning sauce).

Vegan Lechon "Manok"

I cooked Filipino menudo originally for the AstigVegan Holiday Potluck (which was a couple of days ahead of NYE). The guests at the potluck seemed to have enjoyed the dish so I thought I should make it again for the NYE party. My family loved it too! I’ll post the recipe soon, stay tuned.

Vegan Menudo

My aunt made a surprise visit and I was so happy to see her not only because she’s fun to be around, but also because she’s an amazing Filipina cook! She gave me some tips and tricks of making suman and maja blanca.

My aunt & my mom

My dad and my uncle

The kitchen gang!

My sister and her husband and two kids also dropped by earlier in the night

Once again, Happy 2012!

May this year be filled with good food and good everything else!

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