My Birthday Dinner at Gracias Madre

On August 28th, I turned 29.

And to show my gratitude for another year on this earth, I invited my close friends to celebrate my birthday at one of my favorite spots in the city, Gracias Madre.

The dinner was a double celebration for me, and my friend, Clare, whose birthday was on August 30th.

Here are some of the photos from the feast:

My friends, enjoying a drink or two while waiting for our food…I have to say, Gracias Madre’s Sangria is the best!

What my sister ordered: three kinds of soft Tacos and Horchata.

For appetizer, we had guacamole and tortillas. Their guacamole was soo delish, but their tortillas, especially because they were fried, resulted to a stale texture..oh well.

We were about 15-18 people strong on this dinner table.

My sister and I, pretending we’re getting drunk off of their oxidized water hehe.


Chris’ friends came too! Mike, Athena, and their adorable little one, Penelope.

THANK YOU to these two gentlemen who foot the entire bill. I will never forget, thank you.

After dinner, we headed to a bar and a club to party some more..but that’s not vegan related so I won’t post those pics, hehe.

Too bad my vegan partner in crime, TJ, was in Napa Valley for a family event. But we shall have a reunion one of these days!

7 thoughts on “My Birthday Dinner at Gracias Madre

    • Maraming Salamat Charmaine. How’s the vegan/vegetarian/raw scene there in Manila? Meron ka bang blog? I’d like to follow. Take Care :)

  1. Creeping slowly haha though there have been recent improvements naman, pero me pagka dark ages pa din compared to the scene there…Here if you’re a pescetarian you’re considered a vegetarian… I don’t know where people get that idea when fish, shrimp, and clams have never ever been plucked from trees…and if you’re raw they’d think you’re a raw paleo… They’d assume that you eat raw sushi even after explaining that you’re plant-based haha… Unfortunately I don’t have a blog, though I’m a writer…Take care too! More power to your blog :)

    Veganism rocks!

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