Vegan in the Wine Country

When my boyfriend spontaneously invited me to visit the Napa Valley, I wondered to myself if there’s any restaurant out there that could serve us vegan food. I had never been to the Wine Country so I had no idea what the place can offer to a vegan girl like me. Apparently, plenty.

We stopped by at this lovely winery, Clos Du Val, one spontenous sunny Wednesday.

Of course it wouldn’t be a Napa Valley experience without tasting the wines. This was one of the best ones I’ve tried. It’s called Ariadne, named after the wife of Dionysus, the Greek god of wine.  It has tropical flavors without going too citrusy. Love it!

After checking the winery, we went to an Italian restaurant called Ristorante Don Giovanni. We kindly asked our waiter if they have anything vegan for us. The waiter glady suggested spaghetti, and may I say, it IS the best vegan spaghetti pasta I have ever had: al dente with thick sauce that hugs the pasta just right. It may not seem generous in quantity but the quality was mighty abundant. Note that the plate was actually deep so it contained more food than meets the eye.

As a side, I ordered marinated olives and to my delight, I got a variety of it: kalamata, green, and many more I cannot even name. The side dish alone was a winner!

Fresh, light and delicious, my salad was just perfect. Plus I love that it had avocados and its dressing did not empower the natural sweetness of the vegetables and fruits, nor it was too bland or dry.

For dessert, I was skeptical that the waiter can suggest anything vegan. The dessert menu has dairy written all over it. But, once again, I was proven wrong. We got a fruit cobbler with crispy toasted organic brown sugar on top (what a mouthful-literally!). The original version has gelato on top, but they substituted with strawberry sorbet and put it on the side. 

The sorbet was not the typical super tarty candy sweet at grocery stores. It was creamy velvety, not piercing to your palate. It was the best sorbet I’ve tried so far.

My boyfriend and I (rewind back to the winery). We had such a lovely experience that day, definitely one for the memories!

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