Bastardized Palak Paneer

I followed the recipe for a Vegan Palak Paneer from this website, and it came out yum-yum. I added in two medium tomatoes (chopped) and some salt for taste. Real Indian people will kill me for trying to pass off this bastardized, westernized version of a veritable national dish. Please pardon the offense. I respect and appreciate your cuisine and what I know of your culture… heck, I may have been Indian in a previous incarnation.

If you don’t have access to soy yogurt, the rich creaminess of coconut cream will do just fine. Another note: if you don’t want the mess of having to transfer to a blender, finely chop the spinach beforehand, like I did. 

I apologize for being a delinquent blogger. The next dish I want to attempt is Pinakbet with “Bagoong.” Staff retreat and potluck coming up. My co-workers shall make excellent lab rats. (Lab rats are not vegan). Keep ya’ posted.

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