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Video Recipe: Vegan Filipino Menudo

I’ve featured few versions of vegan Filipino Menudo recipes on this this blog-and I’m going to add yet another version that I hope you could try. This time, I’m featuring two ingredients that would create the pork flavor and texture without the pork. No, it’s not just adding a fake pork product in the mix. You could,…

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5 Ways to Cook and Enjoy Collard Greens

A COLLARD GREENS FEAST Personally, I wasn’t a big fan of collard greens because I thought they were too bitter. It wasn’t until I’ve tried my friend’s collard greens dish at a recent potluck that I realized it’s all about how you prepare them. Lucky me, another friend at the potluck gave me fresh collard greens…

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Video Recipe: How to make Mung Bean Stew

Munggo Guisado (“moong-goh gee-sah-doh”) is a savory hearty dish that’s packed with proteins that will keep you full and satisfied. Not to mention, it’s delicious! Its main ingredient is, you guessed it, mung beans. Another main ingredient is tofu so this dish is easily veganizable. I’ve featured this recipe in the past but not as…


How to make Vegan Pancit Palabok

Happy weekend! Pancit Palabok is a great dish for gatherings, potlucks, get-togethers like the Memorial Day holiday for example. If you’re on a meatless lifestyle, this dish will reassure you there’s something vegan (Filipino) and delicious at your party. Kain na, let’s eat!       

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Vegan Batchoy Recipe

  Batchoy is a Filipino pork egg noodle soup topped with pork rinds or chicharon, so how the heck do you veganize that? Well in a world where you could veganize bacon, I say -easy! Lately I’ve been obsessed with refined coconut oil because it gives that fatty flavor without the pork so I used refined coconut…

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Savory Spicy Bilo Bilo

Not so long ago, I did a video on how to make the traditionally vegan Filipino dessert, Ginataang Bilo Bilo or Chewy Mochi Balls in Coconut Milk. The delicacy is known to be sweet, filled with chewy mochi balls, sweet yams, tapioca pearls, jackfruit, and saba bananas. After cooking a pot, I had few leftover ingredients. Instead of making…

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Scenes from the “Sariwa” Filipino Food Pop-up

When Aileen Suzara of Kitchen Kwento emailed me an advance invitation to her upcoming Filipino Food Pop-up event, I knew I had to buy my tickets right away. I had a feeling it will sell out. Sure enough, it did and within just a couple of weeks of the announcement.  I was relieved I was able to…